Anti-Terrorist Sentiment and Other Little Tidbits
We Must Never Forget!

Anti-Terrorist Sentiment

As the events of September 11th 2001 unfolded, my mailbox was jammed with correspondence from all over the country regarding this heinous act.

I received mail from friends and former business associates who hadn't written in years - all with the same message. How could something like this happen? And, we needed to do something about it.

Never in my lifetime had I seen such a display of solidarity in the United States. It's truly unfortunate that it took a national tragedy to band us together.

I began to put these messages (some of them gained national attention) on this site so more people could see just exactly what the American people were made of. Where ever possible I included the original author's name and any other links to the original document. I also created a couple pages of my own (please forgive the irreverence, I just couldn't resist).

We must never forget what was done to us that day. Please take the time to send these messages to remind as many of your friends and family as you can. Most pages have a link in them, just like the one below, to automatically email the page address using your default mail program.

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