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Thank you for stopping by "Chris's Library." My husband designed these pages to be my own little part of the Internet. I like to use them to show off my writing, favorite poetry and share my thoughts about life.

About Me

I was born (I'm not telling when) in Wheeling, West Virginia.

My Father, a newspaper man, re-located our family to the San Francisco Bay area when I was a teen-ager. I grew up with all the delights of the "Flower Child" era, including listening to some bands in the local clubs that went on to become famous.

I moved with my six children to Alaska in the late seventies, some time after I lost their father in a tragic accident. We shared a homestead with my brother and his family for many years.

Doc and I went on our second real date on St. Valentine's Day, 1994. By that time most of my children were grown and gone. I knew he was the one for me the first time I saw him. It took him a while longer to figure things out! We wrote our own vows and were married in a private ceremony by a close friend of ours in the spring of 1995. The wedding theme is reflected in "A Wedding Blessing."

We have a comfortable life together in a modest home on the outskirts of Wasilla. I'm retired and Doc works as an Internet Manager with a Ford dealership. We spend our free time caring for our two girls Greta and Izzy, participating in community events, working around the house, watching movies or visiting with friends. A couple times a year I fly up to Fairbanks to visit my two daughters and my grandchildren.

Doc and I dream of some day traveling the countryside in a travel trailer, living like a couple gypsies. I've always wanted to shop the worlds longest yard sale. I just don't know where I'm going to put the stuff I buy!

Helpful Shopping Hint:

There are days left until my next birthday. Jewelry, candy or flowers is always appreciated. If you can't go big, go home!


We lost Greta to an illness, complicated by her advanced age, in February 2008. I was in the hospital myself at the time and couldn't be there with her those last moments.

We lost Izzy in 2012 to chronic kidney failure. She was very sick, and we just couldn't bear to see her suffer any longer.

You girls are always missed. I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Dixie Lynn

After the loss of Greta and then Izzy, Doc could see that I was feeling a little lonely. Without telling me, he made arrangements with a breeder for an Airedale Terrier puppy from the next litter. He finally told me just before Christmas.

Dixie was born on my Father's Birthday, part of a litter of fourteen beautiful puppies. The breeder sent us photos of her weekly, and she finally arrived in Alaska on February 12. Besides being a Daughter's Birthday, it was also the Anniversary of my first real date with Doc.

Dixie Lynn

It's been since Dixie was born.

I'll be posting new pictures of Dixie regularly to my Facebook profile. It'll be fun to show her off as she grows up. Stay tuned…

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