That's What Friends Are For!


For those tired of the usual "friend" poems, here's a touch of truth!

Note: For the proper effect, you should read this with "That's What Friends Are For" or "You've Got a Friend" playing softly in the background.

When you're sad…
I'll get you drunk.
I'll help you plot against,
The scum sucking bastard,
Who made you mad.

When you're blue…
I'll try to dislodge,
Whatever it is,
That's choking you.

When you smile…
I'll know you finally got laid.

When you're scared…
I'll rag you about it,
Every chance I get.

When you're worried…
I'll tell you horrible stories,
On how much worse it could be,
So you quit whining.

When you're confused…
I'll use simple words,
To try to explain things,
To your ignorant ass.

When you're sick…
I'll hold back your hair,
While you scream "Europe"
At the toilet.

When you fall…
I'll point and laugh
At your clumsy ass.

This is my oath…
I pledge 'til the end.
Why you may ask.
Because you're my friend.


Email a copy of this to 10 of your closest friends by clicking »here«, and then get depressed because you realize you only have 2 friends, and 1 of them isn't speaking to you right now, anyways.

A friend will help you move. A really good friend will help you move a body.