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Welcome to My Shop

How you doin'? Me… not too bad.

Summa you know me as Donnie Shooze. Summa you know me as Mickey the Pencil. Summa you know me as Guido Salvatore. And, summa you know me as Doc.

I'm here to tell you, nuthin' leaves a lasting impression like wearing it when you're out with your crew (except maybe my ring, like that time when I back-handed some jamook when his payment was light).

Listen up! I don't wanna see you in my neighborhood, wearing your too big pants hangin' off your ass showin' your drawers (we gonna think maybe youze a finook), with your hat on side ways. If I do, I'm gonna take your freakin' hat and whizz in it. Then I'm gonna pull those stoopid pants down around your ankles, and chase you down the block with a bat. The neighborhood where I grew up, the only guys dressed like that were the poverett's. They were wearing their big brother's stuff because that's all they had. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the tizzuns always dress like that. Faghedda bout it!

Are you freakin' kiddin' me? You wanna be an associate? Get serious! Start lookin' the part. Show some respect!

Hey, so as part of his tax I got this guy to launch a clothing line with my name on it. Take a look at summa my stuff.

The Look

You Gotta Have Your Own Style

Like a Boss

No matter it's an important Family meetin', you and your crew's havin' dinner while discussin' business strategies, you're at church on Sunday with the Mother of your children, or you're in court, nuthin' says "I'm a man of respect" like a good suit.

The Street

I don't care if you're out makin' collections, havin' an espresso with your crew, or visitin' your goomah, you gotta look your absolute best. A black leather coat always says you're all about the business.


If it's a "meet and greet" at the links, a cookout at the house with my crew, or a get-together with my Wife's relatives, I like to kick back and relax as much as I can. Hey, this is a high stress job! I gotta lotta responsibilities here!

After Six

Say you plan on meetin' the Russians at one of their clubs to discuss business. Maybe later you're gonna meet your goomah for drinks. No matter what's happenin', you're gonna be ready for a night on the town.

After Hours

It's 3 A.M. and you get a call… there's a problem. It's time for some Spring Cleaning. Here's a perfect wardrobe. There's nuthin' like basic black.

At Home

I like to call this "me time."