The Top Ten Things the Public Won't Understand

The Top 10 Things

  1. Cops are exposed to horrific violence, abject poverty and called every nasty name in the lexicon by those they protect and serve. But they if they say something colorful in an email they have to attend mandatory diversity training.
  2. Unless you're talking about New York City, there really aren't that many bank robbers we could be catching instead of writing you this ticket.

  3. Cops are people too.

  4. Everyone's an infant when they are scared and need help, but somehow transform into use of force experts and world class tough guys while talking about an officer involved shooting.

  5. We don't chase bad guys for the thrill of it. It's just part of the job because society can't police itself.

  6. Why we don't want to raise your children and care for your pets just because you've failed in doing so.

  7. What a police officer sees first hand over a career would drive most people into a deep depression, if not completely crazy.

  8. Some people are basically animals and it doesn't matter how many hugs you give them. They'll kill you and laugh in your face while doing it.

  9. Use of force incidents.

  10. Why we became a police officer.

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